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Made of environmentally friendly PC+PP+ABS material, food grade material, high temperature resistance, harmless.

Fully automatic mixing, comfortable taste. Powerful high speed motor, fully automatic mixing and easy to use. Simple operation, safe and secure.

When turning, a strong swirl is created, the mixing time is short, the mixing is more thorough, the fully automatic stirring and the protein dissolution favours absorption.

Multiple leakproof, easy to carry. Built-in 3mm thick waterproof silicone ring with precise leak-proof technology without worrying about the leakage of the cup. Short mixing time, fuller mixing.

600 ml super large capacity, the cup body has scales that can control the drink capacity well. Protein dissolution is good for absorption.

600ML Electric Protein Mixer Shaker Bottle Vortex Cup Portable Blender Drink UK

£22.00 Standardpreis


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